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Kassis &Partners is the company specializing on accounting. We have large experience of bookkeeping for different companies.

We are ready to organize bookkeeping in your company from zero or take care about existing processes.

Sometimes even if everything is functioning the management cannot get necessary information in time and in proper form. If you need advises regarding optimization existing system our specialists can provide you with auditing of existing business processes and give recommendations to change existing system to the best. We can prepare the set of reports which will help you to have important data in time and will give your employee guidance how to create these reports without additional efforts.

If your company is not big enough to employ experienced CFO but you have the need of such a services, we would be glad to support you. Our specialists can help you with budgeting, financial analysis, preparation of reports and presentations.

In the Russian Federation there exist local standards of accounting. It is very important to fulfill all requirements of local laws to avoid tax and administrative risks. But for international companies for consolidation it is necessary to have accounting reports created in accordance with IFRS or USA GAAP standards. We can take care about both systems. Our team have all necessary knowledge and experience to provide you with best services and guarantee full control on situation.

We are working in different bookkeeping systems – local or international - 1C, SAP, Navision, Oracle, etc. Our IT specialists have experience of creating processes for transformation reports from local accounting systems to systems of our customers. We like complicated tasks and we are able to solve most of them.

Outsourcing of bookkeeping has its pluses and minuses. The minuses can be different, here everything is very individual. The main pluses are: economy, minimization of risks from labor point of view and possibility with limited budget get support of high qualified specialists. Our aim is to exclude minuses or at least minimize them and keep all the pluses.

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