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Auditing in Russian Federation is regulating by Federal Law N307-FZ about auditing dated from 30.12.2008.

A company must provide auditing on a regular base in different cases regulated by the law. For our clients usually are the following cases:

    • If turnover in the previous year was more then 400 million Rubles,
    • If active of your balance for the previous year was higher then 60 million Rubles.

Kassis & Partners are specialized on accounting services and by RF laws and regulations it is strictly not recommended to provide in the same time auditing and accounting services, but we would be glad to recommend you our very qualified partners. They are providing high quality auditing services for reasonable prices.

We would be glad to offer you the review of your business processes, existing bookkeeping system and HR documents. It is not requirement by law, but can help you to keep control over the situation, and to obtain in time the reliable information and minimize risks.
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