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Employment in Russia is quite complicated and sensitive question. A lot of requirements, regulated by Labor Code of the Russian Federation, have to be fulfilled by any employer in the Russian Federation. Risks of mistakes in this sensitive process could be quite high, starting with penalties and finished with crime responsibility of the CEO.

Another part of problem is the confidentiality of informations. First of all when calculation is done by one of the employee it is usually quite complicated to keep information a secret. In addition there could be the situation when one of the employees has to be dismissed. That’s the reality of any business. And with no doubts in this case it would be better to have full control over the situation and support from an independent partner.

That are the main reasons why the majority of companies, even when having their own accounting department, prefer to have salary outsourcing.

We would be glad to provide you with full volume of accounting related to salary calculation and HR support. If it would be needed will help you to organize the salary project with one of the banks in the Russian Federation or provide you with any consultancies you need.

Our main advantage towards our competitors is client orientation. We would not ask you to follow our procedures, but will organize everything most convenient for your way. And with no doubts our services would not exceed cost of accountant and HR specialists.

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Last update: 2014-09-25

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