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We will be glad to help you to organize new business in Russia. For new companies in Russia exist some special taxation modes, with less taxes than the common one.

If you are planning to have turnover less than 60 millions rubles per year (approximate 1.2 millions EUR per year), less than 100 employee and fixed assets cost less than 100 million rubles, you can choose the simplified system of taxation.

This case you don’t have to pay VAT and property tax, and profit tax instead of 18% percent could be 15% or 6% dependent of expenses calculation method. If you are planning to organize business as a physical person for you could be more profitable to register as a private entrepreneur. This will help you economy on income tax too.

Unfortunately you cannot use this taxation mode in case if more than 25% of the company belongs to another company and in some other cases.

We will be glad to help you to choosthe e most profitable tax mode and organize transparent and informative your accounting system.

And when you will exceed the limited turnover volumes we will with our pleasure help you to find optimal solution for tax optimization.

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Last update: 2014-09-27

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