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To establishing a Legal Presence in Russia, foreign investors have several opportunities to start a new business in Russia:

     • Register a representative office or a branch in Russia.
     • Create a local legal entity owned by a foreign company or a foreign person
        fully or partly.
     • Work as a foreign investor only

Each of this ways has its plusses and minuses. Which way will be better for you we can advise based on your goals and resources. We are ready to provide you with full support within every way you will choose.We will be glad to help you with choice of the taxation system, legal registration of your business in Russia, search for employee and support in all other organizational need. If you will need a General Manager or a Chief Finance Officer as an employee for some period we are ready to provide you with such a services too.

The correct choice of taxation system and proper organization of financial system from the beginning will help you to grow up without administrative legislation and to avoid a lot of risks. It is clear for us that it is preferable to start all the processes from the beginning than to correct mistakes done by somebody else. That’s why we have decided to offer full legal support of registration business in Russia free of charge in case of signing contract for accounting services for one year or more.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!

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Last update: 2014-09-27

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