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Kassis &Partners was created in 2001 as a community of professionals with successful and rich experience in the areas of accounting, finance, management and legal.

We decided to provide our clients with high quality services in bookkeeping, finance, taxation, and human resources question.

As our main value we have choose our clients and it it is forever so.

As our principles we define the next:
          • Success of our clients is our success
          • Difficulties have to be prevented
          • Tasks could be similar, decisions are unique

The majority of our clients belongs to the small and middle business segments and representative offices. We understand their needs by heart and are ready to do all the best to make our cooperation extremely convenient for our clients.

We tried to present interesting information on our web-site and hope it will be useful for you. I the case that you did not found what you was looking for feel free to contact us in any way convenient for you.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Sincerely yours,
Veра Калyakина
General Manager, Kassis & Partners

Corporate Business
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