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Kassis and Partners is a company providing services in accounting, tax and finance. 

Our main specialisation is accounting outsourcing mainly for companies from the small and middle business. We are ready to help you with temporary projects and we will be glad to become your permanent partner. 

For some of our clients we are providing the whole volume of anything related to bookkeeping operations, calculating taxes and preparings needed for management and board members reporting. For others we are making the part of work which can not be done by their own finance and accounting departments because of some reasons. 

The schemes of work are as different as are our clients. Some of our clients prefer to have our employee in their office on daily basis. For others it is more convenient to send scanned documents and to meet with us not often. Sometimes there is need to have a FTE or part-time employee provided by Kassis & Partners (for example CFO for the start up, to register legal entity). In any case we are a very flexible and client orientated company and we will be glad to build with you the structure that perfectly fits to your requirements. 

Our employees have outstanding experience in leading different projects in many industries. And if you feel that you a need fresh look from outside to develop something in some of your business processes we will be glad to offer you auditing services and consultancies regarding future development for the best.

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